15mg Healthy Blend CBD Capsules

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Healthy Blend CBD Capsules

Popular amongst Busy Moms, Corporate Executives, and Baby Boomers the Healthy Blend line is a great solution for those that are looking to get healthy, stay healthy, and have the confidence to conquer the day. 

Enjoyed by many as a daily supplement, the Healthy Blend line is designed to maintain “status quo” and is a great starting point for those that are curious about CBD and want to enjoy life on their terms.  

Our Flagship Product

Our Healthy Blend capsules are the original product that launched our company, and our most popular product to date. Loved because of their ease of use and accurate dosing, it’s easy to see why our Healthy Blend caps have become a community favorite. 
Ethically Sourced
Plant Based
GMO Free
Gluten Free
THC Free
No Odor/Smell

Product Story

After months of trial and error and hundreds of case studies, we determined that 15mg of active CBD is the perfect general dosage for most of our community.
Through polls, surveys, and product sales we've found that a majority of our community enjoys capsules over other methods of ingestion. Most likely because of their familiarity.
Usage: 1 capsule taken 1 to 3 times daily or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

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