40mg Active Blend CBD Capsules

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40mg of 99.9% Pure Crystalline Hemp Isolate infused into MOVIDA's proprietary blend of specific carrier oils.

These 40mg Pure Crystalline Capsules are a favorite amongst athletes and those with an active or stressful lifestyle.

Similar to our 15mg capsules, but almost 3 times the active milligrams of CBD per capsule... at only twice the price!

Because of their ease of use, familiarity, and exact measurements capsules are very popular.

Our 40mg Pure Crystalline Capsules are available in 60ct (1 month supply) and 120ct (2 month supply) bottles for ease of use and accuracy, making these amazing capsules a community favorite.
Ethically Sourced
Plant Based
GMO Free
Gluten Free
THC Free
No Odor/Smell
Product Story: Our 15mg Pure Crystalline Capsules are our most popular product. But, shortly after their release, we noticed there were some in our community who were taking multiple capsules at a time a couple of times a day. Most of these community members were taking 2 or 3 15mg capsules twice a day. 

Enter the 40mg Pure Crystalline Capsule...
For those who take 2 or more 15mg Pure Crystalline Capsules per serving, the 40mg Pure Crystalline Capsules are great because of their ease of use, as well as their money savings.

Our 40mg Crystalline Capsules are nearly 3 times the strength as the 15mg's, but they are only twice the price. It's like getting 3 15mg Crystalline Capsules for the Price of 2.

Plus, they are easy to use! 

Capsule Ingredients: Our FDA-approved, pharmaceutical-grade all-vegetarian (vegan) capsules are made of only 2 ingredients; HPMC, a 100% natural vegetable plant cellulose (derived from either pine or poplar) and purified water.

Common Uses: 1 or more capsules taken twice daily.
Disclaimer: MOVIDA does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease with any of our products or programs.

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