Thoughtful care and years of refinement and formulation went into the development of each of our 4 product lines. Our Founder, Al Morentin, created all MOVIDA product formulations and tested them on dozens of people with a variety of issues before releasing them to the public.

Proprietary Formulations Developed In-house

MOVIDA is one of the only companies that developed in-house formulations and has true farmer relations. We oversee the entire process from seed, to farm, to extraction, to fromulation, to packaging... there are no middlemen... there are no brokers... We are one of the only CBD or Cannabis companies that can make this claim and back it up.

30+ Years in Cannabis & Holistic Health

Al has been working in Cannabis and Holistic Health since 1987... over 30 years. And, he has been developing formulations and working with isolated molecules since 1992. This is one of the many reasons MOVIDA CBD Isolate is superior to others on the market.

Carefully Curated Collections

We provide Full Spectrum CBD products for Purists and Holistic Health Advocates that are looking for Whole Plant Nutrition.

We provide Pure CrystallineCBD Isolate products for those that cannot take THC due to work or other obligations... As well as those that simply do not want to take THC.
Note: Currently, our CBD Isolate products are our biggest sellers and are a favorite amongst military and first responders.

With four carefully curated collections, 3 for people and 1 for pets, MOVIDA is sure to have a product that is the right fit for you.

A Note From Our Founder

I have been helping people to get healthy, strengthen their immune systems and live the life they were meant to live for 30+ years and have now developed a team of Holistic Health Advocates to assist you on your journey towards Vibrant Health.

I am a servant to my community. It's all I've ever done and it's what I will do until the day I die... without fail.

Peace & veggies,

Al Morentin

Note: We offer complimentary consultations and have developed protocols on how to use our products for success.