Furry Blend Pet CBD Drops

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200mg of 99.9% Pure Crystalline Hemp Isolate infused into MOVIDA's proprietary blend of specific medium chain triglycerides contained in a 30ml dropper bottle.
MOVIDA Furry Blend Pet Tincture is safe for all breeds and all ages of pets. And, it's THC Free!
Documented studies report numerous benefits of CBD for animals, large and small, including relief from separation anxiety and depression. As well as alleviating aches and pains due to injury, old age, and breed related issues.
Ethically Sourced
Plant Based
GMO Free
Gluten Free
THC Free
No Odor/Smell
No Taste/Flavor
No Taste or Odor: One of the qualities most enjoyed about our Furry Blend is that the tincture has no flavor or taste, as well as no odor or smell. So, it's easy for your pets to take.
In fact, most pets are drawn to MOVIDA Furry Blend CBD, getting excited whenever they see the little blue bottle.
Product Story: Created as a lower dose alternative to our 400mg Healthy Blend Tincture. Our 200mg Pure Crystalline Tincture was originally intended to be infused into drinks and smoothies, as well as for micro-dosing throughout the day on an as-needed basis.
Originally called the 200mg Micro Blend Tincture, we had high hopes of it being used in bars and smoothie shops across the country.
However, from the very beginning, our community started giving the Micro Blend Tincture to their pets... with great success!
Enter the Furry Blend Pet Tincture: After hearing dozens of reports of success with pets, we developed case studies on a variety of animals and were amazed with the successes in a multitude of areas.
So, we changed the name to Furry Blend and today, there are literally thousands of pets across the country enjoying the finest Pure Crystalline CBD available on the market today.

Our Furry Blend Pet Tincture is great as a daily mood enhancer for your pets but can also be used to help your furry loved ones recover from injury or get relief from symptoms of aging.
Used by our community for a wide variety of reasons, this 200mg Furry Blend CBD Tincture has quickly become one of our best selling products.
With its versatility and ease of use, it's easy to see why Furry Blend has quickly become a fan favorite amongst our community.
Recommended Dosage:
XS - SM: 5 Drops 2x per day (1.25mg)
SM - M: 5 to 7 Drops 2x per day (1.25 to 1.7mg)
M - L: 10 Drops 2x per day (2.5mg)
L - XL: 1 Full Dropper (5mg)
Disclaimer: MOVIDA does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease with any of our products or programs. 

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