INTRODUCTION TO CBD AND CANNABIS | WHAT IS CBD? | WHAT IS CANNABIS? Curious about CBD and Cannabis, but confused by all of the conflicting information on the internet and in the news?

Watch this video to discover the TRUTH about CBD.

You'll get an overview of CBD and Cannabis and how it can play a crucial role in your levels of health, clarity and happiness.

Topics covered:
Intro to CBD
Intro to Cannabis
What is CBD?
What is Cannabis?



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Video Transcript:
CBD is everywhere these days. Some say it’s a miracle cure, while others say it’s nothing more than a fad or a passing trend.

Watch this video to clear the confusion and discover the Truth About CBD.

By the end of this video, you’ll have a better understanding of CBD and Cannabis and how it can improve your health and mental clarity.

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If we are meeting for the first time, my name is Al Morentin. I’ve been a holistic health Practitioner and Cannabis Advocate for 30+ years, but more importantly… I’m what’s known as Patient Zero at my company.

After going blind due to Glaucoma and getting my vision back with Cannabis oils I founded MOVIDA CBD & Superfoods, so I have a consistent supply of quality CBD and never have to worry about going blind again.

In today’s video we will cover an overview of CBD and Cannabis, as well as what to expect in the following videos in this CBD 101 series. 

What is Cannabis?
• Synonymous with psychoactive drugs
• An herb
• 400+ known compounds
• Contains Cannabinoids (100+)
• CBD and THC

What is CBD?
• Cannabinoid found in Cannabis or Hemp
• One of the most abundant
• Non-psychoactive
• Non-addictive
• Significant therapeutic benefits
• Creates homeostasis or balance in the body
• Multi-purpose benefit
• Alternative to Pharmaceuticals

• Chronic Pain
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Seizures
• Brain & Nervous Tissue Repair
• Glaucoma

CBD is a “missing link”… it’s something  your body requires on a daily basis to  operate at the
utmost optimal levels.

Remember, I literally depend on our CBD to SEE!!!

I know that you’re very interested in this topic, but I’m curious. Have you used CBD or Cannabis in the past? Or, do you plan on using it in the future? Place a comment below this video. I’m anxious to see what your answer is.

Now that you have a better understanding of CBD and Cannabis and how it can improve your health, I’m willing to bet that this video created even more burning questions inside your head.
The next video in our CBD 101 series covers one of the most common questions, from both proponents and opponents of CBD alike: “If Cannabis CBD is a missing link, how have we gone so long throughout history without it?”

Keep an eye out for that video. The information I discovered while researching CBD and Cannabis in History is nothing short of amazing! It’s actually very eye-opening!

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Video narrated by Al Morentin. Owner, Founder and Patient Zero at MOVIDA Oils.

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